Tuesday, May 29, 2012

as pointed out by Man Like Wise at Dissensus, a 2step-versus-RandBee 12 inch i really should have included in the Red Bull thing

in fact this was actually on the tip of my brain the whole time of doing the piece, just couldn't dredge it fully from memory -- i have the 12 inch or now i think of it, it's a 10 inch, right? -- another factor is never have known who did the r&beee originals being heisted here and on the flipside

ooh sooooooooo fluttery and flittery the diva-gas vox on that one

flipside tune is not quite as gorgeous but still ace

he done a bunch of others, this bloke Mike Millrain

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BARE BONES said...

They're both Brandy tunes. I Wanna Be Down & Best Friend respectively.