Friday, May 6, 2011

Muzik magazine - nearly every issue archived on the web

fair few bits in there by me, but my only cover story - Eminem / B-Boys On E - is one of the few missing issues bah swizz

Muzik had this house visual/photographic style, the cover below of Ballistic Bros is one of the less extreme examples actually, using digital techniques to create hyper-realism vivid 'n' supersharp photograph of fantastical or at least highly unlikely tableaux

it now has a certain period charm, like a lot of the flyers

the staple stuff of Muzik--the artists that made its cover and its multi-page features--is largely forgotten now isn't it, at least in terms of the canons and Official History of UKdance (Ballistic Bros, London Hooligan Soul--considered a totemic masterpiece in its moment, by some anyway... but would anyone under the age of 25, meaning hip/informed types, would they even have heard of the group/artist?)

i mean probably punters remember stuff like Dave Clarke and Slam and Laurent Garnier and Carl Cox and Sasha fondly--Muzik-type fare was always way more popular in terms of trans-United Kingdom dancefloor action than the kind of thing that makes up the canon(s) of FACT and Dissensus or the version of dance music history that Pitchfork or The Wire would subscribe to

see, the nuum end of things was only grudgingly, and belatedly, admitted into the Muzik/Mixmag world during the actual 90s

and in truth when you peek into that world such as it still exists (Mixmag just about hanging in there with circulation not much higher than the Wire), when they do their Fifty Best Deejays of All Time, as chosen by punters or chosen by journos/editors.... nuum end of things barely makes a dent.... Andy C will be in the list, but more on account of his post-97 career/stamina (i.e when d&B disconnects from nuum afaic) than "Long Dark Tunnel"

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