Tuesday, March 22, 2011

a new issue of theory-rave journal Dancecult

features include: Disco's Revenge: House Music's Nomadic Memory-- Hillegonda C. Rietveld; Hooked on an Affect: Detroit Techno and Dystopian Digital Culture-- Richard Pope; Maintaining "Synk" in Detroit: Two Case Studies in the Remix Aesthetic-- Carleton S. Gholz; Festival Fever and International DJs: The Changing Shape of DJ Culture in Sydney's Commercial Electronic Dance Music Scene--Ed Montano;
Nomads in Sound vol. 1-- Anna Gavanas; Special Section on the Love Parade with Where is Duisburg? An LP Postscript HTML -- Sean Nye, Ronald Hitzler - Party, Love and Profit: The Rhythms of the Love Parade (Interview withWolfgang Sterneck)-- Graham St John - Pathological Crowds: Affect and Danger in Responses to the Love Parade Disaster at Duisburg -- Luis-Manuel Garcia

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