Friday, January 7, 2011

labrynth footage

fragments of a night in what i'm guessing is 93

for full E-ffect of being there, click play for all 9 segments simultaneously


another night from a year later

late 94, by this point it had gone happy hardcore


agree with that sentiment


this one before my time, before Labrynth settled at the Four Aces in Dalston, when it was a peripatetic warehouse rave.

in 89 i was too busy listening to the bleedin' telescopes and stuff like that

during 92-95 went to Bagleys a bunch of times but never to a Labrynth rave there i don't think, at one point the parties were called Double Dipped I think


Tasco Warehouse?!?!


never got to the Roller Express

or Innersense at the Lazerdrome


Jah Schmidt said...

One thing I notice about the early rave days there was a lot less dancers facing the DJ - none of that cult of DJ worship - more of a mingle on the dancefloor. For me, preferable...


back when i was going to labrynth or other raves and parties (not just hardcore but house and techno), i generally had no idea who the deejays even were on a particular night... didn't particularly care... that wasn't what it was about... you went for the club, the vibe, and for the adventures you'd have with your possee n crew...

and yeah you would never face the bleedin' dj... in the labrynth the dj was tucked away somewhere, not even readily visible, even on the main dancefloor, let alone in one of those catacomb-like corridors and cavernous spaces in the basement

still never completely bought into the whole cult of the deejay, to this day

they're just playing records, made by other people, right?

still never