Tuesday, April 20, 2010

apocalypse then

fascinating article by Dave Mothersole (Ben Stud Brother's actual real life brother and the "somebody" quoted on page 186 of Blissed Out) on the Eighties roots of Goa trance, focusing on scene-shaping deejay Laurent, who mixed using cassettes not vinyl. Includes ultra-rare footage of Eighties Goa plus Dave's tribute mix to the Laurent style (EBM, Italo, synthpop with the vocals edited out, Hi-NRG slowed to 100 bpm etc)

(cheers to Jeremy Gilbert for the tip-off)

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Kerry said...

Hello Simon,

This may sound out of the blue but I am helping curate an exhibition at londonprintstudio in June about music in West London and we recently interviewed Steve Jameson from World Domination Enterprises. I know you wrote quite extensively about them at the time and Steve suggested I contact you. We are doing a catalogue for the exhibition and were wondering if you might be available to do a commissioned piece. I realise your blog may not be the best forum for this discussion so feel free to contact me via my email address
kerry@groovegrovegraphics.org if you're interested.
This is the link to our blog if you'd like to know a bit more about the exhibition.