Wednesday, October 21, 2009

jungle 12 inch reviews/ "Stone Free" column
Melody Maker, 1994

by Simon Reynolds

RUFIGE CRU--"Fury", from 'Two On One, Issue One' (Moving Shadow)

Metalheads' Goldie does it again, this time in his Rufige Cru incarnation,
as part of Moving Shadow's new 'Two on One' series of experimental EPs. You
could call it 'ambient hardcore', you could call it 'cyber-jazz'--either way,
"Fury"'s demonic timewarped bass, soul-diva-in-agony samples, orchestral synths
and jazzy tangents all add up to one hell of a phuture shocker.

DJ NUT NUT & PURE SCIENCE--"The Rumble" (Production House)

Eno-esque drones, melted moans, stabbing B-line worthy of Wobble-era
PiL--ambient 'ardkore at its best. B-side "Virtual Reality" is a creepy
catacomb of sub-bass murk.

VARIOUS ARTISTS--"Subplates Vol 3" (Suburban Base)

Latest in Sub Base's 'showcase' series, two 10 inches of darkest
drum-&-bass. Best is Mikey James & Q Bass' "The Prophecy", with its spookadelic
backwards bass and beats.

OMNI TRIO--"Renegade Snares (Foul Play Remix)" (Moving Shadow)

Foul Play turbo-charge new thunder'n'joy into Omni's anthem, with its
ricocheting breakbeats, soul-blasting diva uproar and poignant piano motif.

ENGINEERS WITHOUT FEARS--"Spiritual Aura" (DeeJay Recordings)

Uplifting 'appy 'ardkore, ambient-tinged with rapturously rippling synths
and quiet storm murmurs.


Almighty stomper with an elephantine bass-blast of a riff.

FULL MOON SCIENTIST--"Old Man River's Crying" (Hard Hands)

Dubbed-up, elegaic, and with a long, gorgeous coda of pure ambience, this
is the missing link between A.R. Kane's "I" and Underworld's "River Of Bass".

JUMPING JACK FROST--"Underworld E.P." (Formation)

Desolate girl-vox, ghostly garage-y keyboard riff, fevered breakbeats--a
fine slice of jungle noir.

DEEP BLUE--"The Helicopter Tune (Remixes)" (Moving Shadow)

Two 10 inches of revamps of this drum-&-bass monster with the sizzling
Latin percussion.

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