Thursday, October 4, 2012

Listening again to that famous (among Those Who Know) pirate set by Petchy, Topsee + Shantie from April 17th 2010, I caught some lines I missed on previous playthroughs:

Smack bang wallop
Smack bang wallop
Got your wifey acting a trollop
Got your wifey acting a trollop

It would take a very stern fellow to stay unsmiling through that.. 

A classic set, almost enough to finally convert me to funky...

Here's an old piece at Quietus by Robin Howells on P, T & S's "Militant Euphoria" at Live FM and Deja Vu

Massive stash of pirate sets by Petchy & Topsee, and others, archived by Man like Benny

The access you kids today have to all this music is unbelievable... i can remember, way way way back in those early 2000s, there was hardly any nuum-stuff to be found on the net...  barely a mix or a MP3, let alone video footage of the MCs doing their stuff

i had to plead and wheedle for London people to tape me sets of grime on cassette and mail them to me in NYC

or get the old boombox radio/tape-recorder out of storage when we were over in the UK and tape early dubstep before it was even called dubstep shows 


Ben said...

Thats a great set, but this one from Petchy/Jerry Rankin/Topsee/Shantie/Hot-S and Dream is the ultimate for me from that time.

1 hour of pure hype over really stripped down ruff beats, amazing vibes in the studio and Petchy mixing like Mak 10. The first 20 minutes in particular are so exciting, peaking at 15.50 with another rewind and Topsee's "Jeeezus christ! I can't even get it aaaht yunno FLIPPIN ELL! Its crazy in here I SWEAR!!!... Family tree man, its nuffin. Man can box man in the face ITS NUFFIN!"

Its one of the most joyous things I've ever heard :)

This clip just about captures the vibe

Unscene Berlin said...

Boy I'm with you there - casual references to violence against women really make my heart sing! I've always said that nothing starts the day off right like a good wife beating, trollope hanging, witch burning, etc. Women might not agree but who are they anyway? Only half the world's population. Tch.


you know, it never occurred to me that was anything more than a nonsense line to set up the "trollop" rhyme (the incongruous archaism of the word is what tickles)


if it means anything (and i'm not convinced it does -- pirate MCing being full of throwaway stuff) it's cartoon style "biff bang pow" aimed at the other man -- ego crushing blows dealt by the alpha male MC who's stolen his girl

i mean, yeah it's not the most progressive of sentiments but it's standard stuff in rap, grime